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Frank Lesko - City Clerk, Springfield Illinois

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The Springfield City Clerk’s Office serves as a link between the citizens of this community and your municipal officials. We’re here to serve you. If you require a service from us, please try one of the links provided below:

Background Form

Background/Financial Stability Investigation Questionnaire


Freedom of Information Act requests


City Council, Committees (COTW, Ethics)

Records Request

Birth records, death records, etc.

Registered Building Search

AC Court Search

Search for Administrative Court Information

Public Notices

View Public Notices

Contact Us

Please call one of the numbers below to speak to a representative of the Office of the City Clerk.

Birth and Death Records


Business Licenses

217.789.2216 x5006

City Clerk


Council and Committee activities

217.789.2216 x5001

FOIA Requests

217.789.2216 x5006

Ordinances, Resolutions, Annexations

217.789.2216 x5001