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Budget Information

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Fiscal Year: 

Budget Documents for FY 2025

   Donald Hanrahan Handout_2.13.2024.pdf  
   FY25 Budget Appropriation Exhibits_2.20.2024.pdf  
   FY25 Budget Overview_1.10.2024.pdf  
   FY25 City Clerk Presentation_1.10.2024.pdf  
   FY25 CIty Treasurer Presentation_1.10.2024.pdf  
   FY25 CWLP Presentation_1.23.2024.pdf  
   FY25 Fire Presentation_1.18.2024.pdf  
   FY25 HR Presentation_1.18.2024.pdf  
   FY25 Lincoln Library Presentation_1.11.2024.pdf  
   FY25 OBM Presentation 1.18.2024.pdf  
   FY25 Office of Mayor Presentation_1.10.2024.pdf  
   FY25 OPED Presentation_1.11.2024.pdf  
   FY25 Police Presentation_1.18.2024.pdf  
   FY25 Proposed City of Springifeld Budget.pdf  
   FY25 Public Works Presentation_1.11.2024.pdf  
   FY25 SCVB Presentation_1.10.2024.pdf  
   Public Notice Budget Hearing_2.13.2024.pdf  

Audio Files for FY 2025

   Budget Audio_1.10.2024.mp3
   Budget Audio_1.11.2024.mp3
   Budget Audio_1.18.2024.mp3
   Budget Audio_1.23.2024.mp3
   Budget Hearing Audio_2.13.2024.mp3
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